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"A ‘spot the ball’ competition is a game where the player has to guess the position of a ball which has been removed from a photograph. The position of the ball must be deduced from the relative positions of the sportsmen in the photograph and the directions in which they are looking, etc." - Wikipedia

Rudeball in action.

Sheepstealer Clothing

Sheepstealer clothing, an online sports clothing brand, uses Rudeball to run a 'Spot the Ball' competition on its website every month. As a prize they offer an item of designer clothing from its range to each lucky winner.

RudeBall provides the management tools to easily create the game, manage it, track players and subscribers.

Site visitors were offered an extra incentive to stick around longer, come back again next month and share the site with friends. Subscribers to the Sheepstealers marketing newsletter dramatically increased through the game and each new product released reached a wider audience, targeted with news they wanted to hear. It is a unique form of permission marketing and a powerfull, easy addition to their marketing tools.

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